An efficient ship is necessary for a sustainable future of your company. The project MoVe IT! researches and develops practical instruments that can be helpful for inland shipping. With a return on your investment…



On Thursday 11 September, the MoVeIT! consortium presented its findings of the research performed on cost-effective modernisation of the inland waterway fleet. This final event was organised in combination with the European Inland Waterway Navigation (EIWN) conference in Budapest, in which also the recent developments in the IWT sector are presented.


• Introduction to the MoVeIT! project,

   Meeuwis van Wirdum (MARIN)

• Performance measurement of European inland ships,

   Karola van der Meij (MARIN),

   Milinko Godjevac (TU Delft)

• EconomyPlanner, optimal use of inland waterways,

   Arno Bons (MARIN)

• Development of novel structures for the retrofit of

   inland navigation vessels, Lars Molter

   (Center of Maritime Technologies e.V.)

• Extending the life of a ship by extending her length,

   Igor Bačkalov (University of Belgrade)

• Retrofit solutions for inland ships, Robert Hekkenberg

  (TU Delft), Cornel Thill (DST)

• Environmental and economic analysis of the vessels,

   Juha Schweighofer (via donau), Johan Gille (Ecorys)

• Guidelines for ship-owners, Cornel Thill (DST)



The final event started with a short introduction of the project by Meeuwis van Wirdum, project coordinator of MoVeIT!. After this, presentations were given about the several topics researched within the MoVeIT! project. Milinko Godjevac (Delft University of Technology) and Karola van der Meij (MARIN) presented the performance of the five vessels, with speed trail and operational profile measurements. Arno Bons (MARIN) presented the concept of the EconomyPlanner and the opportunities to use this for a more efficient use of the waterways, starting with the collaborative water depth measurements. Lars Molter (CMT) gave a presentation on structural challenges with a focus on the double-hull retrofit. One of the other structural challenges, the lengthening of an inland vessel and its technical and economic assessment were presented by Igor Bačkalov (University of Belgrade). In their presentation Robert Hekkenberg (Delft University of Technology) and Cornel Thill (DST) gave an overview of the retrofit solutions, the system integration of them and the hydrodynamics. Juha Schweighofer (via donau) and Johan Gille (Ecorys) addressed the results of the economic and environmental assessments performed on the retrofit solutions. In the final presentation Cornel Thill presented the guidelines that will be published on the solutions researched within the MoVeIT! project and can be used by ship-owners to get an impression of relevant retrofit solutions.

MoVe IT! is a collaborative project that develops a suite of options for the cost-effective modernisation of inland ships. Focusing on the existing fleet, 23 European project members work together on 10 work packages in order to improve inland waterway freight transportation to the standards of tomorrow.


The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Union Seventh Framework Programme.