An efficient ship is necessary for a sustainable future of your company. The project MoVe IT! researches and develops practical instruments that can be helpful for inland shipping. With a return on your investment…



In the framework of the Move IT! project, demonstrators are being developed that will help inland shipping companies make the right choices by investing in retrofitting. Such investments will enhance the exploitation of their vessels while reducing their carbon footprint.


Because Move IT believes in the slogan “seeing is believing”, visual demonstrations will accompany the description of each demonstrator below.


Economy planner App




We are displaying here a mobile application that provides basic features of the economy planner.

We want to keep shipping companies on the know and up-to-date on the developments of the economy planner and allow them to use this tool at any time and any place on their mobile devices.



A prototype version of the app is available right now on a MARIN server.

Ship owners participating in the cooperative depth measurements  may see this version on request.



Arno Bons


Phone:  +31 317 49 35 33


Whenever you need, just check your smart phone or tablet and consult this new mobile application.


Real-life demonstration of hydrogen injection




We are showing here on a ThyssenKrupp vessel how hydrogen injection in the combustion chamber of a vessel can lead to an improved combustion process, in turn reducing exhaust gas emissions such as NOX and PM.

We want to demonstrate how gas emissions can be reduced by the application of hydrogen injection to an existing marine engine.

The added value is twofold: for society it is the reduction of external costs and for a ship owner it is the improved environmental performance of his vessel and the possibility to receive the green award label. That can tremendously enhance the ship owner’s reputation and can reduce port fees.

A real-life installation onboard a vessel with live exhaust gas measurements before and after the application of the hydrogen injection, witnessing live results of the effects.



MoVe IT! is a collaborative project that develops a suite of options for the cost-effective modernisation of inland ships. Focusing on the existing fleet, 23 European project members work together on 10 work packages in order to improve inland waterway freight transportation to the standards of tomorrow.


The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Union Seventh Framework Programme.