An efficient ship is necessary for a sustainable future of your company. The project MoVe IT! researches and develops practical instruments that can be helpful for inland shipping. With a return on your investment…


In this booklet a description is given of options to improve the hydrodynamic performance.

2. Hydrodynamic improvements

The guidelines of the MoVeIT! research project provides you with a decision support regarding the application of modernisation options that meet the challenges of the over-aging of the fleet, climate change and greater environmental objectives. Each of the booklets gives an overview of the application of specific options, providing case studies to show the economic and technical feasibility of them. The general guidelines can be used as guidance in reading the other booklets.

1. General guidelines

In this booklet a description is given of the modernisation of the ship´s power system in a way that is matched to the conditions it will face throughout its life. Renewal of the existing engines is can be a suitable retrofit option to meet future emission requirements, but a rather long payback periods are to be considered. Exhaust gas after-treatment like catalysts and/or filters are alternatives if shorter economic horizons are regarded.

4. Powering and engines

In this booklet a description is given of the application of measuring equipment onboard of inland ships in order to monitor the operational profile and to collect available water depths. Further, the ship operation can be made more efficient by using an EconomyPlanner software. This small investment enables durably fuel savings.

3. Energy efficient operation

In this booklet a description is given of the application of new scales and services.

6. New scales and services

In this booklet a description is given of the application of novel materials and designs to the ship´s structure of single hull tankers in order to meet future safety regulations and operational requirements. Further, the cargo capacity of inland ships can be effectively increased by lengthening the ship hull with lightweight materials and designs. This  leads to higher transport efficiency with a short return on investment.

5. Ship structures and weight

MoVe IT! is a collaborative project that develops a suite of options for the cost-effective modernisation of inland ships. Focusing on the existing fleet, 23 European project members work together on 10 work packages in order to improve inland waterway freight transportation to the standards of tomorrow.


The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Union Seventh Framework Programme.